Why Older Homes Cost More for Plumbing Repairs and Renovations

Older homes may be charming and have a lot of character, but one thing is common about such properties – equally older plumbing system. Unless the house has been renovated recently, it can be expected that plumbing fixtures will most likely not be up to date. It could be safe to assume that after several decades of use, the plumbing codes during the time the home was built would be different from the current plumbing guidelines.  A thorough check-up and repairs or refurbishing will be needed to keep things running safely and efficiently.

Older homes may be charming, but their plumbing system should be improved.

Since repairs and replacement could be costly, doing so for the whole system can be expensive. Plumbing and home experts, however, say that every dollar spent in ensuring a sound plumbing system will be worth every cent.

Here are the most common plumbing problems that occur in older homes. 

1. Sewer Lines – It is possible that the sewer line could be clogged already given the number of years that it has been put to use. Damage can also be possible due to tree roots that may have already been touching the main sewer of the house. It is best to rule this out by having a licensed plumbing contractor inspect the main sewer and the sewer lines before purchasing the home.

2. Piping System—The piping technology at the time the house was built is different from the current technology used by plumbing professionals. Plumbing codes and guidelines have improved, so repairs and replacements will be necessary. A licensed plumber can determine whether the galvanized pipes have not yet corroded and still be used. The plumber can likewise replace the piping system to put in place better piping that is up to code. 

3. Water heater problems – It is best to ask the current owner details about the water heating system. It will be fine if they have replaced the old one that came with the house, and if the replacement has not yet reached ten years. However, if the current water heater is being used for more than ten years, then expect some malfunctioning soon. Have the water heater evaluated, and if it needs to be replaced, then do so. Newer water heaters are more energy-efficient and could help pull in savings in utility bills compared to the existing older unit.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly in terms of plumbing repairs and cost, have the whole plumbing system checked before purchasing the older home.