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Most HVAC contractors are now being asked one question by both existing and prospective clients: What are they doing to address concerns over COVID-19 or the Novel Corona Virus. The issue has an enormous scope, as it can span from what Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Contractors do to protect their clients from Covid-19 to what precautions are being taken to protect their workers from the deadly virus. Some property owners would also like to know if there is something HVAC Contractors can do to make their central air conditioning and heating equipment resistant to COVID-19. 

HVAC Contractors are all out to protect their customers from COVID-19

Most HVAC Contractors have assured their clients that they are doing what they can to protect the health and best interest of their clients. For instance, most of the contractors have posted on their official web pages, and social media accounts for what they have been doing to keep their technicians and employees healthy and what they do to protect their clients. 

Heating and cooling contractor services are deemed as essential businesses. And while a chunk of its projects like those involving new clients or maintaining the HVAC systems of commercial establishments that are considered to be non-essential, the truth is HVAC Contractors remain to be much-needed workers even at this time. For this reason, HVAC Contracting companies have to institutionalize some measures that would help them adapt to the “new normal.”

HVAC Contractor Services and the New Normal

First and foremost, HVAC Contractors had to assure their existing and prospective clients that they are open for business. While some may have closed down either due to lockdowns or business closures, active heating and cooling contractors assure their customers that they are actively servicing installation, repair, and maintenance work even at this time of the pandemic. 

Another thing that they assure their customers is that all their technicians are healthy. Apart from daily temperature and symptom checking, they guarantee that they will not dispatch any employee who may be exhibiting symptoms of the dreaded disease. Likewise, they assure that extra sanitary precautions are being observed in and out of their office, and in the customer’s property. 

Safe Service Practices of HVAC Contractors during the Pandemic

Some heating and cooling contractors have detailed the safety measures and sanitation that their technicians and service team take to ensure that they will not get infected, and at the same time, would not bring in the virus to the properties that they work on. 

Here are some of the precautionary measures that most HVAC Contractors take during this period of a pandemic:

  1. Symptom and temperature check before dispatch. All technicians and HVAC Contractor teams are checked for Coronavirus Symptoms as well as their temperature before they are dispatched to a customer’s location. This will somehow ensure that no symptomatic technician could get into the customer’s property. 
  2. Wearing personal protective equipment. Some contractors have their technicians wear masks and gloves to protect themselves and their customers from the virus. Some even wear protective goggles and face shield, and shoe protectors upon entering the customer’s property. 
  3. Technicians keep a safe distance from customers and their household members. They do not greet with a handshake; instead, a polite nod as a part of social distancing practices. 
  4. The technicians have alcohol or hand sanitizers with them. This is to ensure that anything they touch at your home is clean. 

How HVAC Can Help Keep Indoor Air Healthy 

There is no surefire way to use the Heating or cooling system to prevent coronavirus from infecting people at home. While HEPA Filters can help curb the spread of microorganisms and allergens, there have yet to be conclusive studies if these can indeed help prevent the spread of this new dreaded disease. 

Additional UV treatments, though, can be installed to ensure healthier indoor air further, but that too cannot completely guarantee the safety of indoor air inside the home. HVAC Contractors also reminded households with COVID patients quarantined within the home to not just rely on HVAC filtration, and observe good hygiene, and proper quarantine protocols. The same goes for homes that do not have COVID-19 patients as well. Handwashing and thorough bathing, and constant disinfection of high touch surfaces should be observed, especially after a household member went outside the home. 

Moreover, the HVAC Contractors also cautioned households against using HEPA filters without consulting their AC or Heating equipment manufacturer’s manual. Some filters can overwork the system driving up heating or cooling bills and overburdening the system. Manufacturers have specified filter types that can be used on the air conditioner or the furnace so that it can continue functioning optimally. 

It will also be best not to forget about the bi-annual preventive maintenance for heating and cooling systems so that convenience and comfort can be assured during these times when people are advised to stay indoors. Through maintenance checks and professional cleaning will also help remove other allergens that may cling unto the system such as molds.