Find the Right Plumber in San Diego to Fix Your Bathroom Issues

Bathroom plumbing issues can be a headache. More than an inconvenience, not being able to use the bathroom as it is designed to be could also be a safety hazard. For instance, toilet or tub overflows can be unsanitary and at the same time could lead to slips. Leaky pipes and faucets can also be a safety risk, and at the same time bore a hole in the pocket.

One of the typical bathroom plumbing issues is a clogged drain. Fortunately, this can be easily and quickly resolved by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Here are some of the most common bathroom plumbing issues that could quickly be resolved by a licensed plumbing contractor:

1. Clogged toilet. Toilet clogs are all too frequent in any household and have happened to most homes. A usual culprit is a foreign object that is blocking wastewater from being removed from the toilet. Foreign objects vary from toys thrown by young children, items that have been accidentally dropped in the loo, hygiene items like napkins, tampons, and panty shields, or paper products like baby wipes, toilet paper, cotton pads and more.

Clogs can usually be remedied by using a plunger or a plumber’s snake. However, those that tend to be bigger, or more stubborn, could be difficult to dislodge. Should this happen, the homeowner should immediately call for the Local Plumbing Services. While waiting for the plumber to arrive, the homeowner and the rest of the household should refrain from using that particular toilet bowl to avoid compounding the issue, or worse, cause toilet back-ups.

Moving forward, homes with young children should consider putting a lid lock over the toilet bowl to prevent the kids from throwing toys, and flushing random items on it. Household members should also avoid throwing personal hygiene items, as well as non-flushable paper products on the toilet. Even some types of flushable baby wipes could still cause clogging so these items should never be thrown in the bathroom.

2. Running toilet. A running or leaking toilet is yet another common bathroom plumbing issue in ordinary households. Usually, this could be resolved by checking whether all the flushing mechanisms in the toilet are working correctly and that nothing has been accidentally removed. If this does not resolve the issue, then the homeowner should seek the help of a licensed plumber.

The plumber can then identify the source of the leak, and repair it permanently. Running toilets should be immediately addressed because it can waste gallons of water daily. This wastage does not only represent an unnecessary expense, but it is also bad for the environment.

3. Leaky faucets, showerheads, and pipes. Leaking taps, showerheads, and pipes can be common bathroom problems in any household. Sometimes wear and tear, or sediment build-up cause the leaking. Sometimes it could be a more significant issue. To stop the leak and permanently resolve the matter, it is essential to hire a licensed plumbing contractor. The plumber can immediately identify the cause of leakage, repair it, and prevent a myriad of possible problems that can be brought forth by leaking bathroom plumbing fixtures. These problems include water damage, molds and mildew, and structural rotting.

4. Clogged sink, shower, and tub drain. Clogged bathroom drains can be a pain in the neck, but it is way too common among residential properties. Hair, paper products, and soap bits are the usual suspects, so to speak, in this type of bathroom plumbing problem. Like any clog, it can be resolved by using either a plunger or an auger. If this does not work, then a homeowner can try pouring a pot of boiling water on the drain to hopefully melt the clog. Other natural solutions can be found in reputable home improvement websites, but experts warn homeowners against using over-the-counter drain cleaners. These store-bought drain clearers may help for the time being, but experts say, it will not resolve the matter permanently and will damage the pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Experts added that apart from being corrosive, these store-bought drain cleaners can be very harmful to the health and the ecosystem. It is crucial that a stubborn clog is repaired by a licensed plumber who has the appropriate training and equipment to resolve the matter on a long term basis. Licensed plumbers can also put fix the issue without posing a danger to the plumbing system, the health of the household members, and the environment.

5. Malfunctioning water heater. Failing water heater can be a considerable discomfort, especially during chilly days when hot water is crucial. Self-troubleshooting water heater issues is never a good idea, so when something goes wrong with it, make sure to hire a reliable plumber who can manage the problem.

Usual problems associated with water heater use include running out of hot water while using it, a leaking water heater, and a faulty thermostat. Sometimes wear and tear could cause these troubles, sometimes the malfunction can be attributed to sediment build up. Yearly check-ups are essential to a smoothly functioning water heater.  If the water heater has been used for the past ten years and has been malfunctioning a lot lately, then it possibly needs to be replaced. Anyhow, newer water heater versions are energy efficient, generating monthly savings for the homeowner. 

Once a homeowner encounters any of the issues mentioned above, then it is best to seek the services of a licensed plumber immediately.